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More Decision Making Less Doubt

I actually don’t think it’s like what “they” say… “Do what scares you”

I personally feel it is more about just doing what makes you happy and to try your ass off not getting caught up in the conveyor belt of comfort.  *puke*

Because, thats what I did.. I’ll just sit at the office desk, take care of my kids and that will be that… well no, not any more. The “desk life” was never for me. The day to day, high stressful life, was over, Ive had enough. The deep fire burning inside me, knowing that I deserved better than what I was doing for myself, worth better than what I was settling for, and just not living up to my own expectations got me FIRED UP. I kept telling myself “You can’t blend in when you were born to stand out”

So what did I do…. I made a change. As most know, it has been 2 years in the making. However, the last 6 months of my continued personal growth plan, has been the most drastic. I cut my phone out, cut WIFI, and lived as basic as I could. This allowed focus, no interruptions, no influences. I got raw with my self and who I wanted to be. I got organized, I have become less interested in stuff and more interested in minimalism.

So please excuse my absence this last little while, but if you are still interested in what i’m up to, then you will be stoked to know that I will take cutting my Guy friends hair to a whole new level.

I’m off to school starting Monday, joining my fellow go-getters at MC College for Hairstyling. I’m going to be a freakin’ BARBER when I grow up, and I Can’t WAIT! I suggest you watch the Youtube Video that won me the $1000 MC College YouTube Scholarship!!! *crowd applause*


Stephanie Harris YouTube Scholarship (1)


So be a pal, and tell your pals – I will be needing hair models soon!

Watch out for:
Hair Model casting calls

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Why the “Peg”

Since I have been Coast to Coast in this amazing country…. I always get asked the same question…. often….


Well I would like to tell you…. “why Winnipeg”

Yes it’s bloody cold in the winter and has gained the popular nickname  “winter-peg”, but there is so much more to it than what feels like 8 months of deep freeze.

Let’s talk facts shall we?  Winnipeg is large but not to large, holding 724,548 humans within its perimeter. We have 3 major sports teams, our baseball team (the Goldeyes) who I feel are still very underrated.. they are 3 time champions. With ticket cost still totally reasonable. Our Winnipeg Jets NHL team, that we are so happy to have back, is the smallest NHL market yet they sold more merch than other NHL market. Our wardrobe here IS Jets merch. Then, we have the Winnipeg Blue bombers… a reason to drink, so much so they just put out tickets that you can buy to just walk around, not even get a seat, just walk around, buy food and drink.  So there’s that. Go Bombers Go!

As much as Torontonians might think that they are central.. they have mistaken, Geographically, Winnipeg is.

We have the largest skating rink in the WORLD that freezes naturally, stretching 8.5 km. I know you might be thinking who wants to go skating – 50, we do.. we all do.. everyone loves it so much so that they have festival and activities every day on the ice.

Our train station was designed by the same architects who designed the NYC Union Station. – I thought that was pretty neat.

Mee thrive off of young local talent, we support the entrepreneur hussle, it’s seems as though many have cute little side business! We eat that up… from scrunchies, treats, local jewellery makers, clothing designers to skip the dishes… we LOVE local!

Our arts community is happening… the exchange district is a must go to, hosting so many markets, night markets, free concerts, and festivals. Our Art museum is the home to the world largest Inuit collection.

I could go on for days about Winnipeg, but it’s not just Winnipeg it is actually the province as a whole that I just cant get enough of.

Manitoba is home to 110,000+ lakes, 2 major River systems and even a salt water coast line. Holding 80 species of fish. The exploring and hiking is endless with our 92 provincial parks, and 2 national ones.

Sky for daaaayys,  everyday seems sunny, because it basically is. 318 days a year to be exact.

With the open sky, makes our Thunderstorms amazing. You will often see storm chasers every where in the summer months. (27 thunder storms on average a year)

Manitoba hosts 15 fun filled festivals per year, we invented 911, Winnipeg Pride is the largest in western Canada. Horse Racing is a thing here. We are not yet awarded this title, but almost, The Curling Capital of Canada. I am not to sure why this one is such a big deal, however, we are the Slurpee Capital of the world.. 20 years strong. and Winnipeg is PROUD of it, trust me.  I always wonder if we just have the most pregnant women per capita to win this title, because that was the only time I drank a slurpee.

So you tell me why NOT Winnipeg??





Whats the Plan

Canada Day in Winnipeg

Even though we should be patriotic every day of the year, Canada Day is always the best day to celebrate our country, our nation, and our freedom. Seriously, how lucky are we to be Canadian and live in the most admired country in the world.

Lets break down the confusion that comes with Canada Day regarding what’s open and what’s not. This way there will be no cramping of your style come July 1st.


Most Manitoba Liquor Marts in the city will be open on Sunday and Monday from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Despensaries and Food Fare.. yup, OPEN!

All City Spray pads will be flowing from 9:30 a.m. to 8:30 p.m.
All city outdoor pools will be open, check out 311 to see which ones are offering FREE Swimming
Casinos will have their doors open for all your gambling needs.
Garbage and Recycling will still be picked up Monday as per usual.|
All Municipal Golf Courses will be open.
Winnipeg Transit will be running on a Holiday Schedule


All the indoor pools doors will be closed for Monday
The City Shopping Centers, Walmart’s, and Superstore’s will be closed all day.


FREE Canada Day Shuttle will be running between The Forks and Osborne Village from 12 pm until 12 a.m.
The buses will be operating between The Forks and Assiniboine Park from 10 a.m. until 6 p.m. Regular transit fares apply.


  • Osborne Street will hold its annual street party over two days starting Sunday. Featuring live music, an art jam and a patriotic pet parade.
  • Assiniboine Park will be celebrating with bouncy castles and an inflatable waterslide — and beer gardens for the adults. There will not be a fireworks show at the park.
  • The Forks will host fireworks at 11 p.m. after a full day of free family fun
  •  If you want to enjoy the festivities from afar, Prairie 360 is hosting “Taste of Canada” Adults are $69, children are $30.. What a way to have the best view in town of the fireworks.
  • Canadian Museum of Human Rights: admission price drops to only $5 on Canada Day with the museum operating from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.
  • St. Norbert Farmers’ Market:
    A special Canada Day version of the famous St. Norbert Farmers’ Market will be up and running on July 1, just south of the Perimeter.
    Various vendors and artisans will be set up from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. on Monday. Family activities include dancing, music, a historic tour, face painting, a bouncy castle, a magic show, Canada Day cake, and fireworks at dusk.
  • Riding Mountain National Park:
    If staying in Winnipeg isn’t in your long weekend plans, head three hours northwest to Riding Mountain National Park. The park is hosting Indigenous Voices From Our Homeland on July 1.

We ask that everyone stays safe, has fun, and that you take a moment to stop, look around and appreciate how lucky we are to be CANADIAN- take it all in.






Life Tips

Self Reflection is The Most Important Reflection

Time in the garden is where I self reflect the most! I find comfort and peace being in the garden, however today I may be over thinking a bit too much! We are hardest on ourselves! Five Habits that enhance self reflection are to:

•Be honest with yourself on how things are going and how you are behaving/ reacting
Notice behavioural patterns, be aware of your habits so you can get rid of the ones you don’t like and prosper the ones you do enjoy.

•Be able to articulate your core values by taking time to to consider what’s most important to you, what you enjoy most , so you can evaluate that you are or are not living by those values you set upon yourself .

•Be forgiving (right now I’m struggling with this so much so that I reached out to a pastor to help teach me new techniques to forgive the ones who try to bring me down or separate themselves when I need them most) but this is not just to forgive other people but also to forgive yourself when you don’t get it right! We all make mistakes and can always do better.

•Keep track of your self reflection. Journaling is a thing to get use to. So is everything that is considered a new routine. But this allows you to record, keep track and monitor your growth .


10 Things to do with dad this Father’s Day

It’s that time of year where we come together and celebrate the dads in our lives. The blood dad’s, the step dad’s, your dad, your children’s dad all the dads. Basically the men who are stand up guys, who are there for us through and through.

I have done some reasearch and compiled a little list of places offering dicounts for you to enjoy this Father’s Day.

Here are 10 things you can do around Winnipeg this Sunday, June 16th, to spoil the dads in your life.

  1. Assiniboine Park Zoo : A great time to check out the new sting ray exhibit while all dads receive 25% off
  2. Manitoba Children’s Museum: Custom ties are being made here on Sunday. Dad’s admission will be 1/2 off.
  3.  Assiniboia Downs : FREE  family fun event is going down at “the downs”. Including pony rides, petting farm, bouncy castles and the oh so popular, face painting station.  All of this happening between 1-4.
  4.  Landmark Cinemas: This is not just a Father’s Day special but a special offered every Sunday (who knew). For $12.49 you can get your kid a ticket and a snack pack which includes popcorn, choice of candy and a treat.
  5.  Fort Whyte Alive: With your normal admission dues, you will receive FREE equiment rentals all day. While you are there, head over to The Buffalo Stone Café as they will be serving BBQ Lunch. Fun, right?
  6.  Red River Ex: Yes, it’s back in town, and on Sunday they have a double wammy… between 10:30am and 11:30am Gate admission will be FREE (only for this hour period). during this time they are offering a FREE Pancake Breakfast. Donations can be made to the Red River Ex Foundation.
  7.  McPhillips Casino + Club Regent: are both offering all-you-can-eat baby back ribs dinner special.
  8.  Pony Coral: enjoy the evening at their fun Free Car Show (Grant location). you can keep that party going by heading over to cruise night.
  9. Prairie 360: Offering a wonderful Father’s Day Dinner to celebrate your all time best friend. 3 course meal for $60.
  10.  last but not least, and my personal fav.. why not take advantage of the slightly lower gas prices and head on over to any of the wonderful Provincial/National parks that Manitoba has to offer for a great family hike.

Happy Father’s day to those near or far, and to those who live on forever in our hearts. WE LOVE YOU ALL AND APPRECATE EVERYTHING YOU DO .. MUAAHH